I see your invitations, which haven't been made yet, have arrived. Therefore I am speaking to you from the past. We have decided to use this as a way to disseminate information quickly and easily to all of you. I am sure you have a lot of questions related to our wedding. These will range from the typical mundane questions like color palette, location, and where we registered to the more complex questions like why we are getting married, how to legally go about a same sex marriage and why we don't feel this is destroying society but strengthening it.

I guess we are expecting a lot out of this blog until the end of June. We hope you find this as entertaining and informative as possible. I know with your help with comments we can solidify ourselves as a community of friends and family, as vibrant and different as ever.

As far as all the details go, we are not registered yet, Michael wanted to do it this weekend, but I feigned ill to avoid it. We are looking at which places would be convenient for the majority of the guests as well as helpful and nice for us, with price being an overriding factor. You should be so lucky that we both are... ummm.. frugal to say the least.

This is also my first experience being at the helm of a blog so forgive me for the newbie mistakes. Michael has had some time to formulate and put his thoughts into writing in his blog. So this is a chance for me to spread my literary wings also. I cannot promise excellence, however snark comes at no additional cost.

Tips, tricks and hints are appreciated on how I can make this convenient for you, really, truly this is for you. I hope you find yourself at home and able to say anything here. We truly wouldn't be here with out your unconditional love for us.